onsdag 23 april 2008

My most recent project...

I saw this project on The Scrapbook Lounge (one of my favourite places!) and decided to make my own version of it. And now it hangs neatly on the wall of my scrap corner. :)

tisdag 22 april 2008

Another mini album!

As you know, I absolutely love mini albums! :) One of my favourite materials to use is brown paper bags. I just love how versatile they are!
I often get inspired by other peoples work, but this time, the original idea is all mine! :) Enjoy!

måndag 21 april 2008

A very personal layout

This layout is about my dream to have children. I made it as a sort of "self-therapy", to ventilate my feelings. I cried a lot when I made it, but afterwards I actually felt a little better.

My first lolcat!

I just wanted to show you a lolcat that I made! :))
Please check it out and place your vote!


söndag 20 april 2008

My scrap corner!

This is my scrap corner! This is where the magic happens. *LOL*
I like to have my stuff within my reach, so I've tried to organize everything in that manner. My corner is rather small, but I'm very happy with it. :)

fredag 18 april 2008

Coffee filter album

I just love mini albums! I love making them, owning them, giving them away....it's always great fun! :)
Here's one I made out of coffe filters:

torsdag 17 april 2008

Accordion mini album

This is a mini accordion album I made for my mum (the word on the cover is the Swedish word for "mother") for Mother's Day.
Also, here is a tutorial I made, on how to make this little album.
Hope you'll like it! :)

The cute spot of the day!

humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics

My Scrapbook Nook Scrap Club

I just love scrap clubs! :) I love to get that surprise of scrap goodies every month. Beautiful papers, cute little embellishments, bling, colour...and every little piece is perfectly matched with everything else. :)
One of my favourite scrap clubs, is My Scrapbook Nook Scrap Club.
Here is a peak from their April kit!

onsdag 16 april 2008

Love layout

This layout is about "our" song, which is "My everything" by Michael Buble.
I used my printer for the journaling, and I printed on a transparency sheet.
I really like that effect.


Here is another video I made and this one is about scrapbooking inspiration.

Funny cats!

I just love funny pics like this one! :) Find more at: Lolcat!

My art journal

I had a lot of fun making this art journal, and I'm having a lot of fun using it! :) I love to try new techniques in colouring, journaling and so forth, and this is the perfect place for it.
I used a plain white spiral note book, size A4. I then decorated it with various patterned papers and embellishments, such as acrylic paint, glitterglue, Grungeboard and Fragments from Tim Holtz, chipboard, rubberstamps, bookplate and ribbon.

Altered band aid tin

My first entry....

My very first entry in my new scrap blog! :)
I'm excited about finally having my own blog. I've thought about it for quite some time now, but I haven't gotten around to it. until now, that is! :)
At the moment, I have loads and loads of ideas for altering, but unfortunately, too little time. But I have managed to set some time a side to make a few projects. I'll be posting both photos and videos here, and first up is a video. Enjoy! :)