tisdag 22 april 2008

Another mini album!

As you know, I absolutely love mini albums! :) One of my favourite materials to use is brown paper bags. I just love how versatile they are!
I often get inspired by other peoples work, but this time, the original idea is all mine! :) Enjoy!

3 kommentarer:

2 Worlds sa...

Great mini album, i love them too i have so many ideas that 'i can barely make all :)
This one is great but I enver saw bigger paper bags here usually we have the lunch size ones.

Elizabeth sa...

That is a cool idea!! love what you did to the first one!!
I hope I can find these bags here!!

Gingerbread Girl sa...

Hi Anna- I love your videos! I love min albums as well and I also love watching www.tvweekly.com
Thank you for all your help! -Joyce